I am interested in implementing something like sqlmeta.schemaName = '...' or sqlmeta.tablePrefix = '....'

I haven't touched any of the sqlobject code yet except for using sqlobject... so would anyone have any suggestions where I can start looking to do this? Should be relatively simple since schemaName *is* essentially a prefix except in the CREATE INDEX scenario.

Also, would mysql schemaName be better implemented as a table prefix or as a "database" prefix? (i.e. schemaName = 'foo' could append a "foo." to the table name, resulting in queries going to the "foo" database in mysql?).


On 31 Dec 2005 09:33:38 -0200, Jorge Godoy <godoy@ieee.org> wrote:
Oleg Broytmann <phd@mail2.phd.pp.ru> writes:

> On Fri, Dec 30, 2005 at 12:01:12AM -0600, Igor Murashkin wrote:
> > When using PostgreSQL, I noticed you can do
> >
> > class sqlmeta:
> >    table = 'schemaname.tablename'
> >
> > However, this almost defeats the purpose of the tablename being
> > automatically generated from the class name. Is there a way to specify a
> > schema name, or maybe a prefix? How about some kind of namespace to use the
> > schema?

Besides that, it also causes problems when generating indexes because it puts
the table name as a prefix and PostgreSQL doesn't accept "CREATE INDEX
schemaname.tablename_name_of_index ..." as valid.

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