Someone already made some code for this, and it should be sitting in sqlobject-contrib, and here is the URL that started it:

Though maybe one day it will end up in a more mature state in sqlobject core :).


On 1/3/06, Leonardo Santagada <> wrote:
I need to make a table that is a MultipleJoin with a field. The main idea is
that a course(in this case each ) is offered to a number of diferent facultieses
with a vacant number that differs for each faculty. Maybe the code will be
easier to understand:

from sqlobject import *

connection = connectionForURI('sqlite:///dbs.db')
sqlhub.processConnection = connection

class Faculdade(SQLObject):
    numero = StringCol(alternateID=True, length=10)
    nome = StringCol(length=50)
    cadeiras = RelatedJoin('Cadeira')
    Turmas = RelatedJoin('Turma', intermediateTable='Faculdade_turma_vagas')

class Cadeira(SQLObject):
    codigo = StringCol(alternateID=True, length=10)
    nome = StringCol(length=50)
    cargahoraria = IntCol()
    Faculdades = RelatedJoin('Faculdade')
    turmas = MultipleJoin('Turma')

class Turma(SQLObject):
    letra = StringCol(length=2)
    cadeira = ForeignKey('Cadeira')
    Faculdades = RelatedJoin('Faculdade', intermediateTable='Faculdade_turma_vagas')
    horarios = StringCol(length=200)
    professor = StringCol(length=200)

class Faculdade_turma_vagas(SQLObject):
    vagas = IntCol()

The thing is that this code doesn't work, because I already have a
Faculdade_turma_vagas table when sqlobject goes to create the last table. And I
am thinking that there must be a more pythonic and clean way of doing it. Can
someone please help?

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