> I am having some character-set problems with SQLObject and MySQLdb
> within a turbogears project.
> my dsn:
> sqlobject.dburi="notrans_mysql://user:pass@localhost/database?
> charset=utf8&debug=True"
> my class:
> class aTest(SQLObject):
> class sqlmeta:
> table="atest_test"
> name=UnicodeCol(length=100)
> in the shell:
> >>> aTest(name="abc")
> <aTest 1L name=u'abc'>
> #this one was alright BUT:
> >>> meinTest(name="") # causes:

IMHO, This should work. My bet would be that your editor or console uses an encoding different from utf-8. My editor, for example, encodes in latin-1, and latin-1's s are NOT encoded the same as in utf-8. So, ''.decode('utf-8') yields an error in my console.

You could also specify the editor's encoding by setting this line on top of your source files:

# -!- encoding: latin-1 -!-

And then use unicode strings directly:


In my experience, this is the safest way of handling string encoding in python. The downside is that you cannot do "print u''", since python tries to encode it to ASCII, which has no place for german umlauts at all.




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