> I have not a real solution for you but a howto (in german) about
> unicode with Python:
> http://wiki.python.de/Von_Umlauten%2C_Unicode_und_Encodings
> After reading this I had the big AHA about unicode and
> encodings.

Same here, too :-). I indeed got the meanings of encode() and decode() completely wrong... Thanks for this very informative link!

I now have charset=latin1 and sqlobject_encoding=utf-8 in my db URI string. Just get this right: the sqlobject_encoding tells sqlobject how to treat strings coming from and going to the user, whereas the charset defines the encoding of strings to/from the DB, which should perform under the hood, right?

The thing is, our mysql db has a latin-1 encoding while I'd rather want our program files (and ultimately the web frontend) to be in UTF-8, so I'd even expect the two encodings to be different.

Does this seem reasonable?

Thanks all!



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