Hello all

I've tried to correct our string handling by using sqlobject's UnicodeCol and stumbled a bit.

The following script produces errors when assigning the string or the unicode column:

# -- test.py
# -!- encoding: iso8859-1 -!-
import sqlobject
dbURI = 'mysql://user1:pass1@db-server/db1'
sqlobject.sqlhub.processConnection = sqlobject.connectionForURI(dbURI)
class A(sqlobject.SQLObject):
    aString         = sqlobject.StringCol(default = None)
    aUnicodeString  = sqlobject.UnicodeCol(default = None)
try: A.createTable()
except: pass
a = A()
a.aString           = 'gaääää'
a.aUnicodeString    = u'ga\u00ef\u00ef\u00ef'
# -- test.py

(The string I'm trying to assing contains german umlauts, just in case it won't display correctly...)

I would expect that at least the second assignment should be valid. But, as the first assignment's value is also a valid python string, shouldn't this be valid, too?

Do I need to change the sqlobject.sqlhub.processConnection's encoding property?

How is this done correctly?

Thanks a lot!

(And sorry for the messy signature...)


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