Hello all

I'd like to delete Multiple objects at once by deleting their parent object. I'd expect the DB's cascade mechanics to handle the details for me, but, as it seems, SQLObject deletes related objects BEFORE passing the delete command of the parent object to the DB.

An Example:

class AB(sqlobject.SQLObject):
a = sqlobject.ForeignKey('A', cascade = True)
b = sqlobject.ForeignKey('B', cascade = True)

class A(sqlobject.SQLObject):
b = sqlobject.RelatedJoin('B', intermediateTable = AB.sqlmeta.table, createRelatedTable = False)

class B(sqlobject.SQLObject):
a = sqlobject.RelatedJoin('A', intermediateTable = AB.sqlmeta.table, createRelatedTable = False)

a = A()


--> Results in these queries:

1/Query : DELETE FROM ab WHERE a_id=17
2/Query : DELETE FROM ab WHERE a_id=17
1/Select : SELECT ab.id, ab.a_id, ab.b_id FROM ab WHERE ((ab.a_id) = (17))
2/Query : DELETE FROM a WHERE id = (17)

When in fact the last statement would suffice.

How can I persuade sqlobject to rely on the DB's cascade operation?



(And, as always, sorry for the mess following... \/ \/ \/ :-)


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