Hello all

I need to perform multiple left joins in a single query and am getting errors. This is my code:

from sqlobject import *
from sqlobject.sqlbuilder import *

sqlhub.processConnection = connectionForURI("mysql://platodbuser:paiJohr2@db-server/Delme?charset=latin1&sqlobject_encoding=latin-1")

class Object(SQLObject):

attributes = SQLMultipleJoin('Attribute')

class Attribute(SQLObject):

object = ForeignKey('Object')
name = StringCol()
value = FloatCol()

Object.createTable(ifNotExists = True)
Attribute.createTable(ifNotExists = True)

attr1 = Alias(Attribute, 'attr1')
attr2 = Alias(Attribute, 'attr2')

sel = Object.select(
clause = AND(attr1.q.value > 2.0, attr2.q.value < 5.0)
, join = [ LEFTJOINOn(Object, attr1, Object.q.id == attr1.q.objectID)
, LEFTJOINOn(Object, attr2, Object.q.id == attr2.q.objectID)

print list(sel)


The resulting SQL is

SELECT object.id FROM object
LEFT JOIN attribute attr1 ON ((object.id) = (attr1.object_id)), object
LEFT JOIN attribute attr2 ON ((object.id) = (attr2.object_id))
WHERE (((attr1.value) > (2.0)) AND ((attr2.value) < (5.0)))

As you can see, there is a second ", object" before the second join. Why is that? If I can tell correctly, this one is superfluous, right? Am I doing something wrong (e.g. is it even allowed to pass a list of joins to join?) or how can I do this correctly?

I'm on sqlobject version

Thanks for your comments


And, I apologize for the mess that's following, but, really, I can't turn it off... :-).


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