Hi, I’m trying to use the fromDatabse in meta and it’s not working the way that I’d expect. Here’s a code fragment.


Class Assets(sqlobject.SQLObject):

            _connection = conn

            class sqlmeta:

                        _fromDatabase = True

                        _style = MixedCaseStyle(longID=True)


I can create a new record, but can’t change any of the properties. My database has columns AssetID, Make, Model etc. When I try this, the record is created but the Model data is not saved.


asset = Asset()

asset.Make = “chevy”



When I try this, I get an type error.


asset = Asset(Make=”chevy”)

TypeError: Assets.set() got unexpected keyword argument Make


Does any one know what it takes to get fromDatabase working? I’m using python 2.4 and sqlobject 0.6.1