Oleg kindly provided the solution below for generating SQLObject classes from a list of pre-existing table names.

def makeTable(name):
  class Test(SQLObject):
  class sqlmeta:
  table = name

  def __classinit__(cls, new_attrs):
    cls.__name__ = name
  SQLObject.__classinit__(cls, new_attrs)

  return Test

test1 = makeTable("test1")
test2 = makeTable("test2")

This works wonderfully, but I get collisions in the registry, if I run:

test1 = makeTable("test1")
<intervening code>

testOther = makeTable("test1")

I'd like to solve this generally. I can postpone the problem by using sqlmeta.registry, but there's some chance that test1 will be created twice in the same namespace anyway. 

I can search the namespace before creating 'test1', and if I find 'test1', either use it (and assume that it is what I think it is - feh) or generate a new name (e.g. 'test1_0', 'test1_1' and so forth).  Doable but not as elegant as I'd like.

In principle, anonymous classes would be ideal, e.g.

self.file = type("", (object,), {'close':lambda slf: None})()

from: http://www.thescripts.com/forum/thread20941.html

So I'm writing to ask whether there are any hooks or prior models I could work from.