I'm fairly new to SQLObject and I have a question about RelatedJoin: is it possible to use an alternateID as the data for the otherColumn.


I have something like the following


in the DB:

users table with columns id ( int) and username (char 8)


roles table with columns id (int) and name (char 8)


user_roles table with columns username and role_id


in the model.py:

class User(SQLObject):

                class sqlmeta:

                                table = 'users'

                username = UnicodeCol(alternateID=True, varchar=False, length=8,alternateMethodName='by_username')



class Role(SQLObject):

                class sqlmeta:

                                table = 'roles'

                name = UnicodeCol(varchar=False, length=8)


                users = RelatedJoin('User', intermediateTable='user_roles',

                         joinColumn='role_id', otherColumn='username')


but this isn't working because when I try to get role.users it attempts to find users whose ID is their username.


Is there a way for this to work using the user's alternateID username in the join table?


Thanks in advance,