I am probably doing something very wrong, but I can not discover what it is.
I googled and checked the archives but I did not found any hint.
I am new to SQLObject (although experienced in python and databases).
I was trying to follow the examples in the documentation but when executing the following code, identical to the one in the examples (except for the name of the database):

from sqlobject import *
import os

db_filename = os.path.abspath('data_2.db')
if os.path.exists(db_filename):

connection_string = 'sqlite:' + db_filename
connection = connectionForURI(connection_string)
sqlhub.processConnection = connection

class Person(SQLObject):
    name = StringCol()


I get : "AssertionError: URIs must start with scheme:/ -- you did not include a / (in 'C:\\Python25\\programas\\ignasi_06\\data_2.db')"

Then I used 
"connection_string = 'sqlite:/' + db_filename" or
"connection_string = 'sqlite:///' + db_filename"

but I got in both cases: "sqlite3.OperationalError: unable to open database file"

I tried several ways but neither run. Please help, and be nice if i am missing something obvious (as I suspect)
In running the new SQLObject 0.11.0 with python 2.5.4 in windows XP.



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