On 31 January 2012 18:28, Petr Jakeš <petr.jakes@tpc.cz> wrote:
  That's ok. "fromDatabase" schema guessing in SQLObject is a bit
primitive. It works slightly better for The Big Three (MySQL, Postgres,
SQLite) but still far from ideal.
  You have a chance to improve the machinery for Firebird - it is in
FirebirdConnection class, methods columnsFromSchema and guessClass.
With some luck I will check it this weekend (I can not promiss). It looks like it gives different results with different versions of Firebird.
Actually I am trying to migrate TurboGears working application to an other machine. The Python, TurboGears, kinterbasdb, SQLObject are the same version. The only differences are version of Firebird and different Ubuntu version.

After some investigation of the method columnsFromSchema it looks like Firebird (FB 2.5 SuperServer actualy) returns the information about the field type in following form:
u'SHORT                                                                                        '
so it is necessary to add
t = t.strip()
in the for loop (tested)

Anyway, I guess it cant hurt anything.