Is it possible for it to be loading the same class twice? (I am using raw__import__ statements) -- and if so, is there any way to use some kind of if/else statement to avoid a dual attempt?

The big picture is that I have a uWSGI application "" which then loads up the requested *.py file and calls a run function within that file.

So has that run function, and it loads up a View object from SQLObject and from thereš determines what other additional modules to load, etc...

2011/5/10 Oleg Broytman <>
On Tue, May 10, 2011 at 01:08:46PM -0600, PΗoΝ???ΤΞ?????s 0x01 wrote:
> ValueError: class View is already in the registry (other class is , from the
> module lf.db in /local/lf/db.pyc; attempted new class

š Are you sure you don't have two classes named View? If not I suspect
somewhere (may be in PHP-Python bridge) there are sys.path manipulations
and you ended up importing the same module twice as different modules.
Try to print sys.modules.

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