Hello everyone,

Sorry if the question was already asked, i searched but i didn't find anything.

I want to know how can i do to have a list of columns in my table with my object.
I explain, i have my object like this : <Rights 1 user_view=True user_create=True user_modify=False user_delete=False groups_view=True groups_create=False groups_modify=True groups_delete=False modules_execute=True modules_install=False modules_delete=True graphs_view=True graphs_create=False graphs_modify=True graphs_delete=True alerts_view=True alerts_create=True alerts_modify=True alerts_delete=True hosts_view=False hosts_create=True hosts_modify=False hosts_delete=True>

What i want to do is something like this :

for columns in table:
    print columns.name

I defined my class like this :
Class Rights(SQLObject):
user_view = BoolCol

Can you help me ?
Thanks a lot !