I've had the same problem some time ago, however I was (and still am) using mysql, so YMMV.
I asked a similar question on this mailing list, and Oleg gave an example of what he was using.
What I did was adapt Oleg's code to some "generic" db updating code:
(this might need further adaptation to your needs).

g_used_classnums = 0

def col_params(*args, **kwargs):
    return (args, kwargs)

def get_table_class_for_name(python_name, style = None):
    global g_used_classnums
    if style is None:
        style = sqlobject.DefaultStyle()

    table_name = python_name

    s = '''
class Temp%d(model.SQLObject):
    class sqlmeta:
        table = style.pythonClassToDBTable(table_name)
        fromDatabase = True''' % g_used_classnums
    g = globals().copy()
    g['style'] = style
    g['table_name'] = table_name
    exec s in g, locals()
    temp_class = locals()['Temp%d' % g_used_classnums]
    g_used_classnums += 1
    return temp_class

def add_column(table_name, col_name, col_type, col_params, style = None):
    if style is None:
        style = sqlobject.DefaultStyle()
    temp_class = get_table_class_for_name(table_name, style)

    db_col_name = style.pythonAttrToDBColumn(col_name)
    py_col_name = style.dbColumnToPythonAttr(db_col_name)

    args, kwargs = col_params
    if 'dbName' not in kwargs:
        kwargs['dbName'] = db_col_name
    if py_col_name in temp_class.sqlmeta.columns:

    if col_type == sqlobject.ForeignKey:
        if py_col_name + 'ID' in temp_class.sqlmeta.columns:
        col = col_type(*args, **kwargs)
        col = col_type(col_name, *args, **kwargs)
    print ('adding column "%s"... ' % col_name),
    temp_class.sqlmeta.addColumn(col, changeSchema = True)
    print 'done.'

I also have other similar functions: del_column, del_table, add_table, add_all_table_indexes, table_exists & table_has_column

If there is interest I will publish here the the full code.


PS lately I've been thinking of writing add_column in a smarter fashion, it's quite doable. It can discover automatically the missing columns and their properties and add them. But this is a subject for another discussion :)

On Thu, Jan 13, 2011 at 11:36 PM, Timothy W. Grove <tim_grove@sil.org> wrote:
Hi folks,

I have an application which I am developing under Windows7, python2.7
and wxpython2.9. The application uses sqlobject-0.13.0-py2.7 with an
sqlite database.

I want to update an existing database by adding a new column
(UnicodeCol) to an existing table. Can anyone suggest a way to
automatically accomplish this through sqlobject ? I haven't found it too
difficult to update an existing database with a completely new table,
but adding a new column to an existing table is causing me some
headaches. I haven't said much specifically about the application, but
was wondering if there was a generally accepted "best" approach to this
problem? Thanks.

Best regards,

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