I'm trying to use SQLObject for a small visits database.
I have these 2 objects:

class Dates(SQLObject):
    date = StringCol()
    dType = IntCol()
    intervClass = IntCol()   
    intervSubClass = StringCol(default=None)
    comments = StringCol()
    patient = ForeignKey('Patient')
class Patient(SQLObject):
    name = StringCol()
    photo = StringCol(default="")
    bday = StringCol(default="")
    address = StringCol(default="")
    phone = StringCol(default="")
    comments = StringCol(default="")
    dates = MultipleJoin('Dates')
    firstDate = StringCol(default="")   

Now I try to get a select of the patients ordered alphabetically and push the data in a wxPython virtual ListCtrl.

self.patients = Patient.select(orderBy=Patient.q.name )

Everything work decently well if I don't use the orderBy clause...
If I do use it the entire GUI slows to a crawl with items in the ListCtrl drawing one by one... everything moves very very slow.

The back-end is pySQLite and the database has only something like 3000 patients

Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you in advance.
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