I'm trying to install SQLObject on my Ibook running MACOS 10.4.8,  python 2.3.5 and SQLite version 3.1.3

I've installed and test pysqlite 2.3.2 successfully, then checked out SQLObject from the trunk and ran setup.py build and setup.py install with no error messages.

Running py.test with no arguments then generates 186 tests passed but also 12 tests failed:
sqlobject/tests/test_SQLMultipleJoin.py[1] F
sqlobject/tests/test_auto.py[5] .FFF.
sqlobject/tests/test_auto_old.py[4] .FF.
sqlobject/tests/test_foreignKey.py[2] .F
sqlobject/tests/test_select.py[14] ............F.
sqlobject/tests/test_sqlobject_admin.py - FAILED TO LOAD MODULE
sqlobject/tests/test_transactions.py[4] ..FF
sqlobject/versioning/test/test_version.py[6] ....F.

I assume that all tests should pass, so I'd be grateful for pointers as to how to begin troubleshooting.