Hi Oleg,

Thanks for this, but I'm still slightly confused.

My column names don't (I don't think - I can't tell) follow one of the standard styles.  Do I need to create them all manually like:

BOB = StringCol(dbName="BOB")

or can I use the columns (or columnsList?) dictionary? If I can use columns, how do I actually initialise / fill the dictionary?


2009/9/29 Oleg Broytman <phd@phd.pp.ru>
On Tue, Sep 29, 2009 at 09:03:51AM +0100, Chris Wood wrote:
> I'm new to using SQLObject,


> and having some problems with getting it
> to recognise my current MySQL database.

  Making SQLObject to work with existing databases could be problematic,
sometimes even impossible; let's hope it's not your case.

> class Table1(sqlobject.SQLObject):
>  _connection = conn
>  _fromDatabase = True
>  class sqlmeta:
>     table = 'Table1'
>     idName = 'Table1ID'
>  BOB = StringCol()

  You don't need both _fromDatabase and columns. Either you use
_fromDatabase and allow SQLObject to get the list of columns from the
backend, or you declare your columns yourself.

> I've seen the attribute in class sqlmeta of 'columns' - will this find
> my column names automatically,

  Yes, if _fromDatabase = True.

> or do I still need to input them
> manually? If the latter..:

  Yes, if _fromDatabase = False.

> I assume I set the names of each column in the instance of sqlmeta
> (like I have done with the table name) - how do I do this?! Do I do
> this before or after I've told SQLObject that the BOB column is a
> String column?

  SQLObject processes your class declaration as a whole so it doesn't
matter (if I understand your question correctly).

class Table1(sqlobject.SQLObject):
 _connection = conn

 class sqlmeta:
   table = 'Table1'
   idName = 'Table1ID'

 BOB = StringCol()

  is the same as

class Table1(sqlobject.SQLObject):
 class sqlmeta:
   table = 'Table1'
   idName = 'Table1ID'

 _connection = conn
 BOB = StringCol()

  is the same as

class Table1(sqlobject.SQLObject):
 _connection = conn
 BOB = StringCol()

 class sqlmeta:
   table = 'Table1'
   idName = 'Table1ID'

  (See - I didn't use _fromDatabase and SQLObject assumes it's False and
expects you to provide a list of columns)

> Is there a published list of the default naming convention that
> SQLObject follows? I couldn't find it on the website.

  SQLObject uses "style" to convert names between Python and backend. See
styles.py for existing styles. Default style is MixedCaseUnderscoreStyle but
you can change it for a class (table), a group of classes or the entire
  If you don't want to override the entire style but only want to change a
few names (of if your existing DB doesn't follow any style at all) - you
can set the names for the table and the columns:

class Table1(sqlobject.SQLObject):
 class sqlmeta:
   table = 'Table1'
   idName = 'Table1ID'

 _connection = conn
 BOB = StringCol(dbName='strbob')

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