thanks for your suggestion Oleg!
I will try that instead asap.

but it's been some time ago when i wrote this thing,
and afair i always had a lot of problems because the (legacy)
database didn't have a charset declared at creation time
(although it is de facto in iso-8859-1).
so this was just the first working way that i could figure out.

i guess the UnicodeCol doesn't do it in a very different way?


2009/9/16 Oleg Broytmann <>
On Wed, Sep 16, 2009 at 04:59:00PM +0200, Frank Wagner wrote:
>  NAME          = StringCol(length=40, dbName="NAME")
> def _get_NAME(self):
>  return self._SO_get_NAME() and unicode(self._SO_get_NAME(),
> 'iso-8859-1').strip() or u''

  Frank, why don't you use UnicodeCol?

NAME = UnicodeCol(length=40, dbName="NAME", dbEncoding='iso-8859-1')

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