Here are the bare-bones of two classes which are related through a many-to-many relationship:
class SignEntry(SQLObject):
    components = RelatedJoin("Component")

class Component(SQLObject):
   code = StringCol(default="", unique=True)
   sign_entries = RelatedJoin("SignEntry")

With 'se' representing a particular 'SignEntry' object, the code 'se.components' reveals the internals of that object:
[<Component 7 code='48'>, <Component 8 code='24'>, <Component 8 code='24'>]

Now, I wish to remove just one <Component 8 code='24'> from this object, but 'se.removeComponent(8)' removes both. Is there a (simple) way to achieve what I wish?

I'm using sqlobject-0.13.0-py2.7 on Windows 7.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Best regards (and HAPPY NEW YEAR - ALMOST!),
Tim Grove