Oleg Broytmann a écrit :
On Tue, Sep 26, 2006 at 11:07:41PM +0200, sophana wrote:
I connect sqlobject 0.7.1 with ?use_unicode=1&sqlobject_encoding=utf8

   Try to add "&charset=utf-8". This is the encoding MySQLdb uses.

I will try this thanks.
But shouldn't this be automatic?
I mean that the existance of sqlobject_encoding implies charset to the same value?
Why would someone put different values in it?

Another point is that I don't really need unicode strings. These unicode characters come from web forms in utf-8 standard strings.
Why does sqlobject automatically reencode these strings into ascii?

Even with unicode strings, I saw that the mysqldb query is made with a standard string.
All these successive encode/decode/ and reencode is not very efficient in terms of cpu...

I definitely don't understand all the logic behind this.