Hi there,

I'm very new to SQLObject, but I really like it's simplicity.  However I've encountered an issue that I'm struggling to resolve.

I'm using the latest stable build - sqlobject-0.7.1dev_r1684-py2.4, and also pysqlite 2.2.0.

However I've found the performance is very slow.   I can do about 10 inserts a second.  This is similar performance to what I can achieve with pysqlite directly if I commit after every insert.  However, if I commit after after a batch insert I can insert 1000 rows per second with pysqlite directly.

It appears that SQLObject is performing a commit after every operation (i.e. auto-commit), however I have not found a way to disable this behaviour.  I've tried "connection.autoCommit = False" and tried explicitly using transactions, but neither seemed to work.  

I've attached a script showing what I've been trying.   Here's a summary:
connection = connectionForURI(connection_string)
connection.autoCommit = False
sqlhub.processConnection = connection

trans = connection.transaction()

# ... do inserts...


Any advice would be greatly appreciated!