yearstart = 1000
yearend = 3000
(or if you really want it time-independant: yearstart =[0] - 200, yearend = yearstart + 400 oid)
monthstart = montend = june
daystart = 1
dayend = 31


Next week is a little more complicated, but you can do the it the same way, you just have to find the dates for what you call 'next week'...


2007/6/18, F.A. Pinkse <>:

Oeps, I did hit the send button to soon and forgot to add this.

So the year part is solved but now what can I do when I want to
construct a monthly birthday calender.
As in who celebrates his birthday in the month of june?
Or who do I send a postcard for their birthday next week?

Setting a start and end date in the select?
How would one do that with a DateTimeCol()?

With best regards,


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