I am trying to use py.test to make sure my install works.

I've added some debug print statements to the sqllite driver to see what kind of path it's given.

I'm running on Windows..

dbtest.py has this:

installedDBFilename = os.path.join(getcwd(), 'dbs_data.tmp')

installedDBTracker = sqlobject.connectionForURI(
    'sqlite:///' + installedDBFilename)

I note that installDBFilename comes out as:


(note vertical bar where I expect a colon)

sqlite prints out this:

PATH  E:\prj\src\sqlobject\sqlobject\tests\dbs_data.tmp

Who changed the vertical bar to a colon?

anyway, trying this on the py.test command line:

py.test -D sqlite:///f:/temp/test.db  test_aliases.py


PATH  /f:/temp/test.db

so, we get a leading /

If I change to:

py.test -D sqlite://f:/temp/test.db  test_aliases.py

I get:

Could not open database: port must be integer, got '\temp\test.db' instead

So my question is, what's the correct form for passing windows file paths that include a colon in a URI?

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