I'm not sure.

I personally would rather right some simple database extraction methods than try to read complex code that I don't really understand. A simplistic app-specific abstraction class could be whipped up in an evening; poring through this code -- especially if you don't know metaclasses too well -- could take much, much longer.

Documentation is critical; what good is a new feature if you don't know it exists?

In the Real World(tm), marketing is just as vital to increase adoption -- often more important -- as the actual product.

I mean, look at Microsoft. ;-)


David S. wrote:
David S. <davidschein <at> alumni.tufts.edu> writes:

So I am wondering if I am missing something or if there is a recommended 
path to finding the latest, most accurate documentation.  Otherwise, 
thanks for sharing this tool.

As it turns out, your best bet is to read the code, which is not always easy
with all the metaclass stuff.  Still, it's better than coding your ORM from

Peace, David S.

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