I am looking for a call that would return a instance of object when I query with the id (primary key of  the table)
Don't know what to use.
If I have a table say

class Process(SQLObject):
    process = StringCol(length=50, alternateID=True)
    def __str__(self):
        return "%s" % (process)

will give me
<class 'eup.model.Process'>

I tried
>>>p2= Process.selectBy(id=1)
This gives
>>> type(p2)
<class 'sqlobject.sresults.SelectResults'>
>>>print p2
SELECT process.id, process.diameter <blah> FROM process WHERE id = 1

Then if I go for an iterator, its looks ok
>>>for pr in p2:
>>>         print pr

is ok
pr is a object of type eup.model.Process

Is there a way I can skip the for loop?