Hi I am using sqlobject-0.7.7a_r2689-py2.4.egg with sql server and I stumble on this problem
this what I have

class Testadd(so.SQLObject):
    class sqlmeta:
        style = so.MixedCaseStyle(longID=True)
        table = 'testadd'
    Name = so.StringCol()
    BufferSize = so.FloatCol( default = 0.0 )

    def _set_BufferSize(self, value):
        if value != self._SO_get_BufferSize():
            value = 1.0

    def _get_BufferSize(self):
        return self._SO_get_BufferSize()

This fails with error main.py line 1124 in set
raise AttributeError ......
Testadd object has no attribute 'id' (with attribute 'BufferSize')

Now if I change line
if value != self._SO_get_BufferSize(): to
if value != self._SO_get_BufferSize

code above works! Any thoughts???