I would like to congratulate Ian on developing such a useful work of code. Its slated to shrink some of our code base by 75%!

Since someone on the Webware mail list turned me onto this project, I'm hoping someone here knows how to properly destroy objects that are being maintained in the WebKit servlet space. It is unclear to me if this is a WebKit issue, one of my python programming failings, or something overlooked by the SQLObject code?

The classes are defined in the same file of the WebKit servlet and whenever I run the servlet, I get:

File "/usr/local/lib/python2.2/site-packages/SQLObject/SQLObject.py", line 170, in __new__
    assert not classRegistry.has_key(className), "A database object by the name %s has already been created" % repr(className)
AssertionError: A database object by the name 'Events' has already been created

Two problems exist. How to keep seperate the Events object between seperate (and possibly simultaneous) invocations of the servlet. If this is a WebKit issue, I will go hassle them instead :}

Your suggestions are humbly appreciated.

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