In tracking down some bugs in my application I have come accross two issues with SQLObject's transaction support.

The first issue is that transactions don't work as documented.
    conn = 
trans = conn.transaction()
# These calls cause a new connection to be created with autoCommit=True
p = Person.get(1, trans)
p.firstName = 'Bob'
# This commits conn, a connection object that hasn't been used
# This call also uses the second connection object, not conn, and auto-commits immediately
p.firstName = 'Billy'
# This rolls back conn, a connection object that hasn't been used

The effect here is that nothing gets rolled back.  I am aware that calls such as Person.get(), Person.set() and the SQLObject constructor take a 'connection' keyword argument, which can force the use of conn, but that doesn't seem like the right way of doing it.

The second issue is that autoCommit gets turned off on a (psycopg) connection when the Transaction object is created.  When the transaction is rolled back, the connection is released back into the pool.  Now the pool contains some connections with autoCommit=True (the default) and one with autoCommit=False.  This is bad if your code assumes that autoCommit=True (which mine does, as does Ian's example code).  The result is that any updates that happen to be made by that connection are never committed.

I haven't been able to find any discussion on this list about these issues.  Let me know if any of you have experienced them and if I should attempt to fix them and submit a patch.

David Shoemaker

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