I just started using SQLObject and I would like to use it with Flask. So I figured I would separate the models from the actual database working, similar to what Django does.
I create the following function to open up the models files and create the tables:
import inspect
import models
def __init__(self):
        members = inspect.getmembers(models, inspect.isclass)
        for name, cls in members:
            if cls.__module__ == 'models':
            except OperationalError, e:
                raise OperationalError(e)
When I get to this model
class Event(SQLObject):
    event_id    = IntCol( unique = True )
    describ     = StringCol()
    date        = DateTimeCol(default = DateTimeCol.now)
    organizer   = ForeignKey("Organizer", default=None)
    sponsers    = MultipleJoin("Sponser")
    attendees   = RelatedJoin("Attendee")
I get the following error:
    conxt.#sql-d58_2b' (errno: 150)
If I run it again, everything works fine. The first time through the table is created, but not the the related tables.