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On 1/26/07, Raju Subban <> wrote:
I am looking to get the data from muliple tables.
Currently I am get and for each value init I get,
If i my SQL I can do it in call. (shown below). How can I accomplish the same ??

mysql>  select process.process ,,bond_wire.type from process,bond_wire, qualifier where and;
| process | id | type   |
| VIP11   | 1  | Copper |
| ABCD5   | 2  | Copper |
2 rows in set (0.00 sec)

I want to be able to do. How can I perform this?

My model simplified looks like this
class Process(SQLObject):
    process = StringCol(length=50, alternateID=True)

class BondWire(SQLObject):
    type = StringCol(length=50, alternateID=True)

class Qualifier(SQLObject):
    qual = StringCol(length=3, notNull=True)
    process = ForeignKey('Process')
    bondwire = ForeignKey('BondWire')


Thank you

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