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From: Julio Oņa <>
Date: Nov 16, 2006 11:10 AM
Subject: Re: [SQLObject] Many-to-Many relationship - custom join table?
To: Nick Murdoch <>

A good alternative is:

class Task(SQLObject):
     name = UnicodeCol()

     def _get_users(self):
         return [ut.task for ut in UserTasks.selectBy(user=self)]

     def _set_users(self, users):
             lut = UserTasks.selectBy(task=self)
             usersT = [ut.user for ut in lut]
             for ut in lut:
                 if not ut.user in users:
                     ut.destroySelf ()
             for u in users:
                 if not u in usersT:
                     UserTasks(task=self, user=u)

class User(SQLObject):
     def _get_tasks(self):
         return [ut.user for ut in UserTasks.selectBy(task=self)]

     def _set_tasks(self, tasks):

class UserTasks(SQLObject):
     user = ForeignKey('User')
     task = ForeignKey('Task')
     priority = FloatCol()

yes I know is harder and duplicating code, but when you need it you need it.

hope it helps.


On 11/16/06, Nick Murdoch <> wrote:

I'm currently working on a TurboGears project that in its model has the
standard TurboGears User table, and a table of my own, Task. The idea is
that each user has a task list, and a task can have multiple Users
associated with it.

At the moment my looks something like this:

class Task(SQLObject):
     name = UnicodeCol()
     users = RelatedJoin('User', joinColumn='user', otherColumn='task',

class User(SQLObject):
     tasks = RelatedJoin('Task', joinColumn='task', otherColumn='user',

Now, I want to be able to assign each Task a priority, but I want two
Users to be able to prioritise a Task differently. To me, this would
mean putting an extra column in the user_tasks table to hold the
priority for each user/task pair, so I wrote:

class UserTasks(SQLObject):
     user = ForeignKey('User')
     task = ForeignKey('Task')
     priority = FloatCol()

I then ran 'tg-admin sql create' (which I presume calls some SQLObject
command internally), and it didn't throw up any errors, but when I
inspected the sqlite database, the extra priority field wasn't included!

sqlite> .tables
group_permission  tg_group          user_tasks
permission        tg_user           visit
task              user_group        visit_identity

sqlite> .schema user_tasks
CREATE TABLE user_tasks (

Presumably SQLObject creates the custom joining table first, then it
gets overwritten with the new auto-generated version?

Any help here would be great; I really need that priority column for
this project!


Nick Murdoch

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