I am able to use SQL Object to connect to SQL Server database, but I am having trouble using the Dynamic Class generation.
I have an existing table structure that has tables such as:
I define the following classes:
class CMBSHistory(SQLObject):
    class sqlmeta:
        fromDatabase = True
class Currencies(SQLObject):
    class sqlmeta:
        fromDatabase = True
The first, CMBSHistory, is not found on the database.  When I print the SQL for the tableExists() method, I get the following error:
DatabaseError: internal error: SQL Server message 208, severity 16, state 1, line 1:
Invalid object name 'cmbs_history'.
However, when I print tableExists() for Currencies, the table is found.  Any ideas what might be going on under the hood?
Why is SQLObject mapping the CMBSHistory class to "cmbs_history" as a name?
- Luis