I've been trying to build a search function with no success. I want to let the users search different columns using just one search field.

The simplied SQLObject models are here http://paste.turbogears.org/paste/1248 .

The search function is here http://paste.turbogears.org/paste/1249 .

For some reason the alias tables are getting inner and left joined, so I'm getting this error:

OperationalError: ambiguous column name: customer_person.id

The SQL generated is http://paste.turbogears.org/paste/1250 . While I'm trying to get is something like this http://paste.turbogears.org/paste/1251 . Tried different join combinations, but I'm not getting the desired results.

I'm using SQLObject==0.8.2dev-r2600 and sqlite as the backend as I'm still testing.

Can someone help me with this problem?

Thanks in advance!,
Claudio Martínez