kevin dangoor said: (darn you outlook)
> The idea is to use a descriptor for
> _connection, so that the value of _connection is arrived at
> dynamically.

That would be cool - but I'm also using _fromDatabase = True. I think that with a ConnectionHub to get and hold the connection, the immediate evaluation of _connection in SQLObject.addColumnsFromDatabase called from the __classinit__ would mean I still need a real connection by the time the class block is executed.

Indeed, I don't see how you could magically put column objects in the class if you didn't have a connection when the __classinit__ ran; I think the only way you could do that is to not call addColumnsFromDatabase from __classinit__, so you'd have to say::

    class User(SQLObject):
        _fromDatabase = True
    User._connection = myConnection
    u = User.get(17)
    print u.shortName