'm working with SQLObject and I'm getting frustated because of lack of examples. First of all, I'm having problems creating tables with many-many relationships by means of RelatedJoin. I want to create and know how work the CRUD operations in the tables created by RelatedJoin operation. I have two tables I've created as follow:

class Term(SQLObject):
    name = StringCol(default=None)
    description = StringCol(default=None)
    vocabulary = ForeignKey('Vocabulary')
    term_questions = RelatedJoin('Question', joinColumn='question', otherColumn='term',

class Question(SQLObject):
    question_file = StringCol(default=None, length=255, unique=True)
    question_name = StringCol(default=None)
    question_type = StringCol(default=None)
    term_questions = RelatedJoin('Term', joinColumn='term', otherColumn='question',

So, I have a new table with two columns (term and question). How CRUD operations work?

I've tried to create a new instance of Term_questions table:
Term_questions(term=term.id, question=q.id), but the module Term_questions doesn't exist or if I try:
q = Question(question_file="file", question_name= "name", question_type="MultipleChoice")
term.term_questions = q.id
I get: AttributeError: can't set attribute

Can anybody help me?

Thanks in advance.