Hello,     ... has anyone gotten SQLObject to work with Sybase?
I can query the database but I can't insert.  Any advice would be
appreciated.  The table already exists and is extremely simple,
with just two columns, a key and a text string.

Here's the class for the table:
from sqlobject import *

class titles( SQLObject ):
    title_id = IntCol()
    title = StringCol()

    class sqlmeta:
        print 'class sqlmeta'
        idName = 'title_id'
        lazyUpdate = False
        autoCommit = True
And here's a separate class where I attempt to insert:
from sqlobject import *
import titles

class InsertNewTitle:

    def __init__( self, newKey, newTitle ):
        sybURI = "sybase://my_user_id:my_password@DBSERVER//library_info"
        konnection = connectionForURI( sybURI )
        sqlhub.processConnection = konnection

        book_a = titles.titles(title_id=0, title='zero')
        book_a._connection.debug = True
        book_a._connection.autoCommit = True
        book_b = titles.titles(title_id=newKey, title=newTitle)
        book_b._connection.debug = True
        book_b._connection.autoCommit = True
        book_b.id = newKey
        book_b.set(title_id=newKey, title = newTitle)

        print 'for ID %d the title is %s' % ( book_b.title_id, book_b.title )
        return None

if __name__ == "__main__":
    instantiatedObject = InsertNewTitle(506,"Spy Story")
This code actually appears to work with no errors, but I can run it
many times with no duplicate rows because nothing gets inserted into
the database.  I tried wrapping it all in a transaction and doing a
commit, but that didn't help.  It's not a permission problem because
I've used the same ID and password in an SQL tool and I can insert.

Note I instantiate two books.  I don't want to, but I'm forced to
because if I try to give it a non-zero first key I get the error:
"sqlobject.main.SQLObjectNotFound: The object titles by the ID 0
does not exist"    ....even though I'm providing a non-zero key!

So I have 2 questions, if anyone would be kind enough to help:
why does it complain about 0 not existing when I create only one
book using a non-zero key (but doesn't complain as long as I use
the 2 book work-around shown) and why does nothing get written
to the database, even when I put in a commit? 

Thanks in advance for any help.