Pardon me if this is a naiive suggestion:

I'd like to suggest that the subversion property svn:eol-style of either 'native' or 'LF' be applied to all the files in this project.

I can see that has svn:eol-style of 'native'.

The purpose for doing this is to reduce the possibility of changes being made due to silly line-ending problems.
What inspired this is a bunch of diff results from the version we're using to the head revision that were invisible/whitespace changes.

This obviously can't be done by a patch :-) 
   $ find . -name '*.py' | xargs svn propset svn:eol-style 'native'
and then commit.

So, either this is on purpose that no files have an eol-style, or wsgi_middleware has it by accident.  I think it might be good to declare a standard and go with it.

Or, I could be wrong, please feel free to opine.

-- Kevin

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