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 debian 2004-06-23 Philippe Normand Philippe Normand [8b0db7] Debian package is finally done. To build it:
 docs 2007-04-11 Oleg Broytman Oleg Broytman [9fdfc1] SQLObject 0.7.5 released 11 Apr 2007.
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 sqlobject 2007-10-22 Oleg Broytman Oleg Broytman [d8925b] 0.9.2b3. 2004-02-05 Ian Bicking Ian Bicking [ac9158] Initial import of SQLObject and DataTest
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 release 2004-03-09 Ian Bicking Ian Bicking [6b81e9] Little distribution script updates
 setup.cfg 2007-10-01 Oleg Broytman Oleg Broytman [d6ade2] 0.9.2b1 2007-10-01 Oleg Broytman Oleg Broytman [d6ade2] 0.9.2b1

Read Me

SQLObject 0.9

Thanks for looking at SQLObject.  SQLObject is an object-relational
mapper, i.e., a library that will wrap your database tables in Python
classes, and your rows in Python instances.

It currently supports MySQL through the `MySQLdb` package, PostgreSQL
through the `psycopg` package, SQLite, Firebird, MaxDB (SAP DB) and
Sybase.  It should support Python versions back to 2.2.

For more information please see the documentation in
docs/SQLObject.txt, or online at