#9 comments at end of line don't work


SQL allows comments like:

select name -- department name
from sales.depts;

However, sqlline doesn't handle this correctly because
it doesn't strip the comment and it converts the
newline into a space, so what gets sent to the JDBC
driver is:

"select name -- department name from sales.depts"

which a typical JDBC driver will see as just "select
name" after stripping off the comment.

There are other cases where converting newlines into
spaces causes well-formed SQL to turn into bad SQL.
For example, the SQL standard allows multi-line string
literals like:

select "My Big Fat "
"Greek Wedding"
from sales.depts;

But the standard requires the newline in between the
literal fragments.

So the best fix for both problems (and possibly others
not encountered yet) would be to preserve the newlines.


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