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A goal for the next version of SQLite Query Helper is to release some source code. Also, the next version will have better test coverage and built in NUnit local testing.

Posted by Anders Nygaard 2007-08-03


Roadmaps are popular and maybe I should tell you guys what my plans are for this project. If you have any suggestions, feel free to drop them in my box.

I am allready working on a class library for queries and database metadata. This will be test driven and hopefully more stable. I am going to include the NUnit runtime with the project and have a link launching the tests avaliable from the help menu. ... read more

Posted by Anders Nygaard 2007-05-18


Latest version has reached a 100 downloads. I'm satisfied. New version with some bug cleanup and a few new features is on the way.

Posted by Anders Nygaard 2007-04-10

SQlite Query Helper v 1.1.1 released

Allready a new release. Heck, beta is popular nowadays :D New in this release is the fullscreen mode. Make sure to use the bugsystem or the forum in order to submit any bugs, change requests or just let me know that you are using my program.

Posted by Anders Nygaard 2007-03-22

SQlite Query Helper v 1.1.0 released

A new release is out. This time, I've done some serious bug hunting and added a new table editor.

SQLite Query Helper is turning out to be a great tool for creating SQLite databases in a Windows enviornment. Not everybody is a Linux geek :D

This latest version uses System.Data.SQLite v1.0.40.0 and which is written for SQLite v3.3.12

Posted by Anders Nygaard 2007-03-14

SQlite Query Helper v 1.0.2 released

SQLite Query Helper is a lightweight tool for writing queries for SQLite 3.x databases on the Windows platform. Version 1.0.2 has a great new look + greater stability.

Posted by Anders Nygaard 2006-04-03

SQLite Query Helper v1.0.1 released

This one is a minor service release. I'm using SQLite now with myGeneration, creating the database layer of my blog project. This app just makes the database creation process sooo much easier.

Posted by Anders Nygaard 2006-03-15

SQLite Query Helper v1.0.0 released

SQLite Query Helper is a small database application for Windows. View, open or create SQLite databases, write queries or browse tables data and meta info.

Posted by Anders Nygaard 2006-03-13

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