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  • Arne Eckmann

    Arne Eckmann - 2005-01-09

    Yesterday I placed a copy of your application at one of my servers, running Apache2 and PHP 5.0.3 on the Windows 2000 pro platform.

    I'm very impressed by your excellent application, but unfortunately I can't get password authentication to work, when trying to get access with any of the userid/passwords from the config.db I can't get access.

    In the I'm using the following settings:

    define("SQLiteDb", $baseDir."/config.db");

    but since it produces an invalid path I changed it to:

    define("SQLiteDb", $baseDir."\config.db");

    However, none of them enables a successful  authentication.

    I'm also using:

    define("DEFAULT_DB_PATH", $baseDir);

    But since I have no idea if the define ("INCLUDE_LIB", "./include/"); is associated with an absolute or a relative path, I just left it as it was.

    Since the dirname(__FILE__); returns this on my system: C:\Programmer\Apache Group\Apache2\htdocs\SQLiteManager 

    can you tell me exactly which slashes I need to change to backslashes in the ?

    Best regards,


    • Arne Eckmann

      Arne Eckmann - 2005-01-10

      I guess I found the reason why the AUTHENTICATION won't work on my setup which works in the CGI MODE.

      According to information found here: the authentication won't work in CGI MODE.

      New question is, if you would consider a secondary authentication system which will be used in case of CGI MODE?

      Best regards,



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