Underlying assumptions on install

  • Stephen Holland, M.D.

    I wonder what all the implied file locations are to get this to work.  This question comes about because on my install I put the folder in a user subdirectory and found that creating and installing files is not working.  I started to work with the permissions.  things got better.  However, still a number of problems.  It looks like the software acts under the user and group of the web server, but setting permissions as such to the database files doesn't allow writing to any new database files.  A better install document is needed.  I am willing to write one, but I need help in knowing what needs to g where and what wiggle room there is for locations of db files and config files. 

    • Stephen Holland, M.D.

      On the install of the files you will need to add write permissions to the folloing files in the SQLiteManager-1.2.0 directory:

      chmod a+w test.*
      chmod a+w include/config*

      Of course, the SQLiteManager-1.2.0 directory will need to be writeable as well to create new databases.


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