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--- a/SQLite.Interop/src/sqlite3.h
+++ b/SQLite.Interop/src/sqlite3.h
@@ -99,8 +99,8 @@
 ** Requirements: [H10011] [H10014]
-#define SQLITE_VERSION         "3.6.15"
-#define SQLITE_VERSION_NUMBER  3006015
+#define SQLITE_VERSION         "3.6.16"
+#define SQLITE_VERSION_NUMBER  3006016
 ** CAPI3REF: Run-Time Library Version Numbers {H10020} <S60100>
@@ -494,6 +494,12 @@
 ** This object defines the methods used to perform various operations
 ** against the open file represented by the [sqlite3_file] object.
+** If the xOpen method sets the sqlite3_file.pMethods element 
+** to a non-NULL pointer, then the sqlite3_io_methods.xClose method
+** may be invoked even if the xOpen reported that it failed.  The
+** only way to prevent a call to xClose following a failed xOpen
+** is for the xOpen to set the sqlite3_file.pMethods element to NULL.
 ** The flags argument to xSync may be one of [SQLITE_SYNC_NORMAL] or
 ** [SQLITE_SYNC_FULL].  The first choice is the normal fsync().
 ** The second choice is a Mac OS X style fullsync.  The [SQLITE_SYNC_DATAONLY]
@@ -654,11 +660,11 @@
 ** is either a NULL pointer or string obtained
 ** from xFullPathname().  SQLite further guarantees that
 ** the string will be valid and unchanged until xClose() is
-** called. Because of the previous sentense,
+** called. Because of the previous sentence,
 ** the [sqlite3_file] can safely store a pointer to the
 ** filename if it needs to remember the filename for some reason.
 ** If the zFilename parameter is xOpen is a NULL pointer then xOpen
-** must invite its own temporary name for the file.  Whenever the 
+** must invent its own temporary name for the file.  Whenever the 
 ** xFilename parameter is NULL it will also be the case that the
 ** flags parameter will include [SQLITE_OPEN_DELETEONCLOSE].
@@ -714,7 +720,12 @@
 ** At least szOsFile bytes of memory are allocated by SQLite
 ** to hold the  [sqlite3_file] structure passed as the third
 ** argument to xOpen.  The xOpen method does not have to
-** allocate the structure; it should just fill it in.
+** allocate the structure; it should just fill it in.  Note that
+** the xOpen method must set the sqlite3_file.pMethods to either
+** a valid [sqlite3_io_methods] object or to NULL.  xOpen must do
+** this even if the open fails.  SQLite expects that the sqlite3_file.pMethods
+** element will be valid after xOpen returns regardless of the success
+** or failure of the xOpen call.
 ** The flags argument to xAccess() may be [SQLITE_ACCESS_EXISTS]
 ** to test for the existence of a file, or [SQLITE_ACCESS_READWRITE] to

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