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     <h1 class="heading">Version History</h1>
+    <p><b> - June 29, 2009</b></p>
+    <ul>
+      <li>Code merge with SQLite 3.6.16</li>
+      <li>Check the autocommit mode of the connection to which a transaction is bound 
+        during the disposal of the transaction.&nbsp; If autocommit is enabled, then the 
+        database has already rolled back the transaction and we don&#39;t need to do it 
+        during dispose, and can quietly ignore the step without throwing an error.</li>
+      <li>Eliminated the mergebin step altogether.&nbsp; It was developed primarily to 
+        merge the Compact Framework binaries together, but since we&#39;re not doing that 
+        anymore, its use is limited.&nbsp; Its non-standard method of merging a binary 
+        on the desktop framework is redundant as well.&nbsp; The desktop binary now 
+        hard-links to MSCOREE, but as of Windows XP, this was redundant as well since XP 
+        and beyond automatically attempt to load MSCOREE on startup when a DLL has a 
+        .NET header.</li>
+      <li>More improvements to the test.exe program for running the tests against Sql 
+        Server for comparison purposes.</li>
+    </ul>
     <p><b> - June 20, 2009</b></p>
       <li>Code merge with SQLite 3.6.15</li>

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