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SQLeonardo.2009.03.rc1 released!

Sub-queries in FROM clause available!

Posted by nickyb 2009-03-11

SQLeonardo.2008.01 released!

environment: added navigation buttons (back & forward)
querybuilder: save enities position (Thanks Marc)
querybuilder: save diagram as picture (Thanks Marc)
content view: added ability to edit filter data
command editor: added ability to specify row limit of retrieve
metadata explorer: added ability to set a default schema

...and bugs was fixed!

Posted by nickyb 2008-06-03

SQLeonardo.2007.06.rc1 released!

environment: bugs fixed
content view: added ability to define update criteria (resultset can be always modified!)

querybuilder: improved set alias

metadata explorer: popup menu on tree view

metadata explorer: add/remove and remember schema filter [shift+leftclick]

environment: any list are sortable (click on column header)

Posted by nickyb 2007-06-21

SQLeonardo.2007.05 released!

content view: added find/replace functionality
querybuilder: bug fixed 1731953

querybuilder: bug fixed 1730070

environment: feature 1725372 done!

environment: feature 1725377 done!

querybuilder: set alias

querybuilder: popup menu (cut-copy-paste...)

querybuilder: editor syntax highlight

querybuilder: bug fixed "where condition <>"

command editor: popup menu (cut-copy-paste...)... read more

Posted by nickyb 2007-06-08

SQLeonardo.2007.04 released!

content view: added row and column highlight (feature request)

content view: added ability to specify the range of records to export

content view: added option "close when finished" a data import/export

metadata_explorer/search: added reset button

environment: improved show content (quick mode)

environment: improved show definition (quick mode)

metadata_explorer/browse: added option auto connection on startup... read more

Posted by nickyb 2007-05-16

SQLeonardo.2007.01 released!

...a powerful and easy-to-use tool that lets you query databases.

NEW: ability to organize tables(objects) in groups

Posted by nickyb 2007-01-08

SQLeonardo.2006.11 released!

SQLeonardo a powerful and easy-to-use tool that lets you query databases.

Changes : https://sourceforge.net/project/shownotes.php?release_id=474508&group_id=182744

Posted by nickyb 2006-12-29

SQLeonardo.2006.10 released!

SQLeonardo is now released under the GNU GPL!!!

Some major features:
- create SQL queries without directly writing SQL
- edit tables directly via the data grid
- browse database structure
- search tables and columns
- navigate database through his data (jumping from FK_record to PK_record or vice versa)

Posted by nickyb 2006-12-04

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