SQL Buddy Status?

  • Gaben

    Gaben - 2004-08-09

    Does anyone know the status of the SQL Buddy project? It has been almost a year since there was any activity on SourceForge for this project.

    • Chad

      Chad - 2004-08-18

      I got in touch with Tobin.  The project has been on hold for a very long time, but it sounds like he's going to be picking it back up in the September/October timeframe (as well as a company to help with the project...he didn't specify which, though).

    • Gaben

      Gaben - 2004-08-23

      Chad, thanks for the info. That is great news!

    • CAZ Software

      CAZ Software - 2004-11-01

      Hi All,

      Caz Software (www.caz.com.au) plan to ship a ( slightly modified) version of Sql Buddy as part of some of their products. Caz Software will be making bug fixes and enhancements to SQLBuddy which will be booked back into the open source. I am the developer which is currently tasked with doing this. At the moment I am fairly busy with a number of other tasks, but early into the new year I will be doing more work on SQL Buddy.
      A number of small bug fixes have already been checked into the code over the last couple of weeks.


    • Ernie Leseberg

      Ernie Leseberg - 2005-04-08

      This project seems to have gone cold again. It is a pity because it seems a good start.

    • Ernie Leseberg

      Ernie Leseberg - 2005-04-13

      I have been informed by Tobin that things are moving again with CAZ. I think it would be helpful to the project if CAZ could provide an idea where they are going to take SqlBuddy.

      Multiple RDBMS?
      Is it to become a commercial product?
      Still managed though sourceforge?


      • Tobin Harris

        Tobin Harris - 2005-04-13

        Hi Ernie,

        I probably should update the project home page to give better indication of these plans!

        Caz are first doing some work on buddy for their own purposes to make sure they really *can* integrate it with their own custom suite. This is a kind of risk assessment, and it will let them know if thier plans with buddy are workable.

        Once this is done, they'll be looking to stomp on any bugs and make key improvements based on both thier own internall review, and on thoughts submitted by the community. These changes will be continually submitted back into the code base here on source forge.

        So far we haven't discussed a multi-db version of buddy. However, we have talked about a building a plugin architecture, and that could seriously open up some avenues for buddy!

        Caz are keen to get community feedback on the project, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what they can do.


    • Ernie Leseberg

      Ernie Leseberg - 2005-04-14

      Thanks for the response Tobin.

      I think the mutli db version is really necessary to make sqlBuddy useful. There are plenty of query tools for the various RDBMS's (especially MS SQL Server), but I have yet to find a really good cross database query tool that doesn't cost an absoulte fortune.

      Please keep us up to date.

      • Mike

        Mike - 2005-04-14

        It may be true that there are numerous query tools for, specifically, MS SQL, but I'll have to respectfully disagree that mutli db is the only reason to make sqlBuddy useful.  I've tried every MS SQL query tool out there and imho they all fall short for one reason or another.  Poor response time, bad interface, high cost, etc.

        Don't get me wrong, multi db would be excellent, but I think a community driven query tool even if devoted soley to MS SQL would still be fantastic and I personally know a dozen people that would use it.

        • Thomas Hansen

          Thomas Hansen - 2005-04-14

          Also if you're in an MSDE environment the number of MSSQL query tools dramatically falls...
          (You don't have neither Query Analyser nor Enterprise Manager)

          But yes there exists query tools free downloadable for MSDE but none of them can compare to SQL Buddy.
          And many of those are not Open Source (I automatically go into "hedgehog modus" if something is from a less known company and not Open Source)
          Some are though good and even have features SQL Buddy is lacking, but all in all SQL Buddy (I think) is the best alternative...

          (now if we could also get to remove those last DBO dependencies and fixing up the last pieces on create backup it would be perfect...;)  (Hint, hint))

          Thomas Hansen

    • Ernie Leseberg

      Ernie Leseberg - 2005-04-15

      I didn't phrase my previous post very well. I believe the ability to handle multiple RDBMS will take buddy from a good tool to a very good tool. I will admit that SQL Server is not my primary database platform (that is Sybase and MySQL), so the ability to switch between with 1 application is a huge plus for me. I am even willing to help make this happen which is why I was very interested in the plans of caz.

      PS I am glad to have provoked some discussion here.


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