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installing problem

  • LoeKe

    LoeKe - 2002-11-27

    stupid question, but .. anyway

    this is in java: so it should work in windows as well.

    in the readme it says:

         3. How to compile

         First, make sure to have a directory called       swt with the SWT libraries
    I've included Linux GTK2 SWT distribution
    In case of doubt, check src/config.mak and the swt directory

    To compile just type:


    ?How do i do this in windows?
    ?make is a linux command, i suppose?

    4. How to run

    The first time you run the program, it will create a configuration file
    in your home directory (Linux at least) called .sqladminrc
    It includes a default drivers definition

    To run, type:

        make run

    ?the same question? ->windows

    • Franco Catrin L.

      Now you can use ant.
      Download the CVS version


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