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Version 0.1 Released!

Version 0.1 has been released and is available on our Files page:


This is the direct port code from Shadowrun: Awakened, with some renaming and packaged in an installer. It includes code generation for MySQL and a basic (and I would say slopped) front-end.

Improvements moving forward will focus on tightening up the UI to look more like Unreal FrontEnd, with a much better layout and flow.

Posted by Erik 2011-04-25

Project Forked

The project page has been successfully registered. In the next week, it will be fleshed out with code and project contents. This will hopefully be a seed for future UDK games that feature rich persistent worlds!

Visit our parent project, Shadowrun: Awakened (http://awakenedmmo.org/)

Posted by Erik 2011-04-18