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Benjamin BALET

Welcome to SQA/TCM wiki!

SQA/TCM stands for Software Quality Assurance / Test Case Management. "TCM" will be the first born of a suite of open source SQA tools that will include test automation and performance tools all connected to a common repository : SQA/TCM.

SQA/TCM is a fork of RTH 1.7.2. In first versions we won't alter database model so as to facilitate migration.

Pages of interrest

  • Visit our SourceForge forum !
  • [Roadmap] SQA/TCM's roadmap.
  • [Installation] guide of the Developper preview.
  • [Tasks] Work In Progress.
  • [Contribute] : If you want to contribute, here the tasks by order of priority.


  • Free and Open.
  • Best practises standardized by ISTQB (http://istqb.org/display/ISTQB/Home).
  • Documented and user-friendly application.
  • Fast and robust PHP code.
  • Tons of features and I/O functionnalities.
  • Public API and Web services.


Wiki: Contribute
Wiki: Installation
Wiki: Roadmap
Wiki: Tasks